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Lecture 4

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PSYC 1020H
Wolfgang Lehmann

Lecture 4 Brain and BehaviourConcussionsTwo hockey players both hit to the headoOne extreme hit back in after a few weeksoOne somewhat minor hit back in after a yearoPrevious concussion Biological factors Lots of unknownsDefinitionoNot necessary to have a blow to the head whiplash can cause itoBrain being jarred shaking violently inside the skullBrain hits parts of the skull causing damageoTraumatic Brain Injury TBI or Closed Head Injury CHIResearch emerged only in the 1980sDamage at the site of impact is called the coupoResulting pressure produces a countercoup brain hits then bounces backoThis movement can tear nerve fibres cause microscopic lesions blood hemorrhage causing brain swellingBrain swelling causes pressure leading to more damageStatistics on Traumatic Brain Injuries13 million individuals yearly in the USAHalf because of MVAs Motor Vehicle AccidentsThen1Sports2Falls3Violence4Industrial accidentsHead injuries are the most common form of brain damage in people younger than 40Two important factors
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