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Lecture 9

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PSYC 1020H
Wolfgang Lehmann

Lecture 9 MemoryMemory What is itThe ability to use information from past experiencesMemoryYouYour memory storesoYour personal experiencesoEmotionsoPreferencesdislikesoMotor skillsoWorld knowledgeoLanguageYour memories define who you areoYou as a person are derived from experiences that have been stored in your nervous systemoThis is possible because your brain has developed the capacity to store information Losing MemoryMan trapped in the past ClydeCant remember anything at allDoes not know age year month etcCant retain beyond 30 secondsWife left then came backoCant remember any of their experiences Memory DefinitionLearning is the process of acquiring new information while memory refers to the persistence of learning in a state that can be revealed at a later time Squire 1987The capacity to retain and retrieve information and the changes in structures that account for this capacityExample Exceptional MemorySavant person with exceptional ability to retain informationAutistic savant sometimes called idiot savantStephen Can fly over town then draw it out in detailoOne look at London got windows of buildings rightoHuman CameraoFlew over Rome produced panorama in 3 days5yards of paperFrighteningly accurate to the smallest detailsKim PeekoMemorizes booksoAround 9000 books memorizedoLays book down to signify placement in hard driveoStarted at 18 months oldo810 secondspageBrain structures differentoExceptional memory but deficits elsewhereCan we Observe a MemoryNot reallyLearning and memory are theoretical concepts Ebbinghaus and MemoryHerman EbbinghausFirst scientific methods for assessing acquisition and retention of a controlled experienceAimed to study pure memoryoCompletely new piece of informationoNot contaminated by prior experiences
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