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Trent University
PSYC 1030H
Elizabeth Nisbet

Lecture Social PsychologySocial Psychology the study of how thoughts feelings perceptions and behaviours are influenced by interactions and transactions between peopleSymbolic representation of the otherCome up with ideas of how we view others when they are not presentSolitary confinement one of worst forms of torture sometimes worse effects than physical abuseVery large field of studyHere at TrentoSexuality and relationshipsoPrejudiceoSocialization within the familyoHealth psychologyoSocial developmentoEducational psychologyoCrosscultural psychologyHow do we construct our social realitySocial activities cannot be observed in an objective unbiased fashionWe bring meaning to what we seeoProcess alters what we perceiveDifferent perceptions of the same event from different perspectivesPerceiving Others Attribution TheoryAttributions inferences drawn about the causes of events others behaviour own behaviour Dispositional Attributions cause due to character traits abilities feelingsSituational Attributions cause due to external constraints situational demandsFundamental Attribution ErrorWhen searching for the cause of negative behaviours dual tendency for people tooOverestimate dispositional factorsoUnderestimate situational factorsExcept with our own behaviour called selfserving biasLee Ross developed the term Fundamental Attribution Error as the label for this tendency
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