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Lecture 4

PSYC 3760H Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Fallopian Tube, Clitoris, Scrotum

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PSYC 3760H
Humphries Terry

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PSYC 3760H - Lecture 4
Wednesday, October 7, 2015
Continued from Lecture 3
Sexual Response Cycle
Masters and Johnson
o4 phases;
Excitement, plateau, orgasms, resolution
Sexual arousal begins
Genital changes; erection, swelling, lubrication
Hear rate/ blood pressure increases
oPlateau Phase
Fullest state of erection
Tightening of outer vagina
oOrgasm Phase
Sense of climatic pleasure and release
oResolution phase
Physiological signs of arousal reverse
Refractory period
Period between having sex, and then being able to
do it again
Based primarily on age factors
oMost widely used model, only is a description of physiological
Walen & Roth
oCognitive model of sexual response cycle
Arousal can trip both cognitive and physiological arousal
Model includes lots of feedback
No explicit method to end sexual arousal
Conscious thought of sexual behaviour is over-

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Lecture 4
Gender Identity
Intersex individuals
oDistinction between orientation and gender issues
Sexual orientation; talking about people who identify as
straight, gay, bisexual, questioning
Gender; transsexual is not an orientation, but a gender
More political than physiological
oDavid Reimer
Was born as a male, surgical accident during circumcision
which caused the loss of his penis
Dr. John Money; gender specialist
Twin boys Bruce & Brian
Bruce was burned badly during circumcision;
was not repairable
Became Brenda
Thought that babies were gender neutral during the
=rst two years
Emphasized nurture over nature
Theory of gender neutrality
Appeared that nurture was
more important than nature
By the age of 14 Brenda
became David
Went through the
process of becoming male again
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