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MNGT 1111
Ron Lakes

Assignment ThreeJust Keep on Trucking Q What motivational and leadership techniques is Susan using when dealing with the unconfident employee Explain why these techniques are successfulIn this case it is clear that the employee has a low selfesteem which implies that the employee is dependent on receiving positive evaluations from others Susan has acknowledged this and is addressing the situation through goal setting This gives the worker a sense of directionpurpose in their actions as well as gives them a better understanding of what Susan expects the employee to be performing at For goal setting to have the desired effect Susan must ensure that she is clear in communicating what is expected otherwise the employee will hesitate and procrastinate because they are unsure of what to do Furthermore by setting challenging goals Susan encourages participation of the employee and by following up these challenging goals with recognition it shows the employee that Susan is generally interested and invested in helping the employee improve their performanceThis Boss Isnt Bossy Q Use the situational leadership model to explain Kristas leadership style Is her leadership style appropriate for her situationAfter analyzing Kristas scenario and the actions she takes with her employees her leadership style seems to favour both R3R4 participating and delegating This can be seen as the employees are clearly experts and dont need to be told how to do
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