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Assignment Four Skill Basics and the Situation Q: Take Chris Hall’s role, and discuss what you must do in order to successfully delegate this important task to Dale Morgan. As the situation has established, Dale is the laboratory supervisor and has been with the company the longest. He has proved himself time and time again as being a highly dependable and competent employee and is most likely to be Chris’s successor. All of these facts are extremely important when taking into account how to best delegate the task of developing next years budget. The first thing Chris must do is to allocate the specific duties to Dale. This includes describing in detail the tasks and managers that Chris desires him to accomplish. In depth detail is extremely important in this step to ensure the Dale has a complete understanding of what it is you would like him to do. Next, Chris explains how Dale will be performing this task on Chris’s behalf and it is important that Dale understands the gravity of this authority. It not only would reflect poorly on Chris if the job was done incorrectly, but if this level of authority is exploited by Dale, it may impact his chances of taking Chris’s job in the near future. Furthermore, with this authority comes the responsibility to perform. Chris must ensure that he has clarified what is being asked of Dale but must also provide examples of the standard expected for the budget as well as all applicable deadlines for the creation of next years budget. Lastly, emphasize the level of accountability that Dale will receive. As mentioned earlier, if it is done poorly it will impact Chris as much as it would Dale and as long as Dale understands this, there should be minimal issues with the end result. In addition, many delegation skills come into account when trying to properly follow the above steps to delegating a task, some more applicable than others. The most important skills that I find applicable to this scenario include clarifying the assignment, inform others that the delegation has occurred, establishing feedback controls and insist on recommendations from the subordinate when an issue arises and push them to solving it. In this setting, I don’t believe that specifying the range of discretion is as important in this scenario due to the experience that Dale has. He understands the basic functionality of Chris’s job and knows his own role very well and clearly would not overreach his designated authority from the job. As it has been mentioned numerous times, it is extremely important that accurate information is provided to the subordinate beforehand and that your expectations are laid out so that the employee, Dale, can approach the budget construction in a manner that he deems suitable. By informing others of the delegation it may provide Dale with help from his co-workers as they try and make his work load lighter or provide him with applicable insights to finish the budget. By setting feedback dates it will help Dale stay on track so he knows what his pace of work should be. This will also provide Dale with opportunities to ask questions in regards to the budget and certain elements of the budget to get guidance or clarification on certain issues he may be having. Q: Take Dale Morgan’s role, and assume that you accept the task of preparing the budget. What must you do to ensure that you will successfully complete the budget on time? To successfully complete the budget on time, Dale must be prepared to put in the necessary time to ensure a successful completion, if Dale does not believe he has the required time to put in a strong effort he should notify Chris immediately instead of providing a budget that has clearly not received a lot of attention and hard work. Dale must ensure that he understands exactly what is expected of him and that any discrepancies in regards to what is expected are cleared up immediately so that Dale may begin constructing the budget. Dale should also set his own personal performance goals throughout the completion of the budget to make certain he stays on task and will reach the deadline for the budget. These goals could include completing parts of the budget, gathering required information or ensuring that each department knows what is required for next year. Dale should also set up feedback opportunities with Chris that align with his own performance goals to make sure that Dale is on track and is meeting the standards that Chris expects from him. Lastly, leave extra time near the completion and the deadline to provide Dale with an opportunity to verify all the information he has collected with Chris to confirm that he has done what was required and at an acceptable level. Hiring at Russell Food Equipment Q: Comment on the selection process used by Catalino to hire new sales representatives. What, if anything, should he do differently? Currently, Catalino follows a very lengthy recruitment process that involves numerous series of interviews that include work related questions as well as in depth discussion with references and past employers to determine the quality of the candidate. He also gives all selected applicants testing for basic literacy and numeracy. Once an employee is hired, they are given extensive coaching and ongoing training to ensure success and a low employee turnover. There are a few things I would add/change in Catalino’s selection process that would lead to less time spent finding desirable employees as well as avoid any issues in regards to Human Rights Legislation and any other ethical concerns. Firstly, how and where they recruit is extremely important to finding the right candidates. If they were to set they’re application standards at a higher level that required previous experience in a similar job then less time and money could be spent on interviewing and further training. They would also have to be very careful as to setting the new required standards to avoid Human Rights issues as these new standards could indirectly discriminate against the main protected groups in Canada, unless they are able to prove that the new standards have been put in place as Bona Fide Occupational Requirements. Furthermore, all of these issues are applicable in the interview stages and Catalino must ensure that all questions asked are free of discrimination, direct or indirect. Also, when discussing with the candidates previous employers and the candidate, they must avoid asking questions that inquire about physical/mental disabilities (unless it is clear that they are bona fide occupational requirements), as well as questions about family/sexual status. Lastly, with desiring applicants to perform quizzes to test for basic literacy/numeracy there needs to be a certain level of validity between the tests and actual job performance or else the testing could be a waste of time and money. Although these tests could maybe provide assistance in the prediction of job performance, they should not be relied on to make the hiring decision. Another step that could benefit the recruitment/selection of applicants would be to advertise the position in locations where a desired candidate may notice the posting. This may include schools that have programs focusing in some form of culinary preparation/sales as this could provide a very beneficial connection for the employees to meet people in the restaurant industry, which in the long run could provide Catalino with connections in many of the restaurants he sells to. Appraising the Remote Employee at NCR Q: Discuss the challenges of doing performance appraisals on employees whom the supervisor rarely sees. Indicate how these challenges or hurdles can be overcome. When it comes to providing performance appraisals for employees that a supervisor rarely sees, many obstacles will arise in determining the ac
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