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Agricultural Studies
AGST 1000
Henning Bjourlund

Early European Agriculture Period of indirect agricultural consumption 11501850 September 26 2012The High middle Ages th The 12 century is a period of exuberant development in western and southern EuropeIt peaked in the years between 1150 and 1300Not only in material welfare but also in theology philosophy architecture sculpture glasswork and literature Indirect agricultural consumption 11501550Factors influencing the development of agriculture in a market economy o Trade and cities o Land reclamation and expansion towards the east o Irrigation tho Citystate in the 12 century Hanseatic League 1267 VeniceFlorenceAgriculture in the late middle ages o 1150 to 1300 Continued growth Prices and wages Farm sizes ththo 13001450 Agricultural depression 14 and 15 century o 14001550 General recoveryTransition from manorial systems to tenant FarmingEurope discovers the New World Factors influencing the development of agriculture in a market economy
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