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The Cell Cycle Lecture 23 Omnis cellula e cellula - The cell cycle is an ordered set of events culminating in cell growth and division into two daughter cells Structure 1. The role of cell division- what is a need to divide? 2. The mitotic cell cycle- how to divide? Chromosome duplication and distribution during mitosis 1. The role of cell division - In reproduction o Main difference between living organism and nonliving matter - In growth o For multicellular organism (including cell renewal and cell repair) Important definitions - Cell division is a finely controlled process that results in the distribution of identical hereditary material –DNA- to two daughter cells - A dividing cell: o Precisely replicates its DNA o Allocates the two copies of DNA to opposite ends of the cell o Separates into two daughter cell contain identical hereditary information - The DNA is distributed among 1 to more than 50 ling linear stretches called chromosomes - The number of chromosomes is a characteristic of eukaryotes o For example our somatic cells-all cells except reproductive- contain 46 chromosomes (2n). Our gametes- sex cells- have only 23 chromosomes (n) - The total DNA of the chromosomes of an organism is referred to as its gamete - Chromosome contains thousands of genes- units of DNA that contains the information to specify synthesis of single polypeptide chain - Characteristics of chromosomes: o They are supercoils of DNA-proteins
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