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BIOL 1020
Robert Laird

February 7, 2014 – Biology Malaria: purpose of their heads are to penetrate a host cell. A mosquito infected by malaria which human host cells are the targets of infection? Liver cells ... then red blood cells. Red blood cells: asexual reproduction. Rate of reproduction in red blood cells is similar to other red blood cells. Malaria destroys red blood cells. Get into red blood cells and burst the cells. It’s the host that can’t keep up creating red blood cells. Gametocytes goes into peripheral area of the body so that mosquitos could pick them up. Fertilization happens inside of the mosquito’s gut. Creates the Zygote – another cycle of asexually reproduction and end up in the salivary glands. Malaria came remain dormant in the liver. Leading cause of death is brain damage with those who contract malaria. Life cycle link to pathology: • Anemia • Complication due to episodes of parasite reproduction in RBC’s (shakes and chills) (3/4 days) o Fever – Shakes and shills – okay … 3-4 days later it is repeated. o Mostly children and pregnant women die from brain damage  Production of ‘sticky’ infected host cells (they stick in capillaries and eventually blocks them) (knobs) • What does the parasite get? Spleen filters out dying and old red blood cells. They stick in the brain to avoid the spleen to infect more hosts. • Pathology as a side-effect of parasite survival strategy • Malaria resurgence (2 million deaths a year) (linked to global warming? Linked to poor health care?) • Problems with vaccine development • Sustainability approaches (head nets, bed nets) • Treatment (chloroquine) o Found under bark in Peru there’s a
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