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University of Lethbridge
BIOL 1020
Robert Laird

February 24, 2014 – Biology Plant body parts: • Stems: from the roots to the apical bud o Raise leaves into sunlight o Vegetative shoots o Reproductive shoot o May be photosynthetic o Food storage o Asexual reproduction (vegetative) o Examples:  Rhizome: underground, horizontal stem  Bulb (growing underground) (storage)  Stolon: above ground stem that extends horizontally (strawberry plant)  Tubers: involved in storage (potatoes) • Leaves: o Photosynthesis o Basic anatomy: Blade and petiole Figure 35.6  Simple leaf  Compound leaf  Doubly compound leaf o Tendrils: grabbing onto other plants to help plants climb o Spines: defense, o Storage leaves: store water o Reproductive leaves: vegetative reproduction o Bracts (often mistaken for petals) • Plant tissue systems: o Dermal tissues: usually always on the outside  Non-woody plants: epidermis • Waxy cuticle: helps prevent water loss  Woody plants, protective tissues called periderm replace the epidermis in older regions of stems and roots o Vascular tissues: transport water throughout the plant  Only in vascular plants  Transport of water, materials  Xylem (water) and phloem (sugar) o Ground tissue:  neither dermal nor vascular  composed of pith and cortex  variety of functions • support • photosynthesis • storage Types of plant cells: • Parenchyma cells: o Thin and flexible primary walls o Lack secondary walls o Least specialized of cell types o Perform the most metabolic functions o Retain the ability to divide and differentiate o Photosynthesis occurs in leaf parenchyma cells • Collenchy
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