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University of Lethbridge
BIOL 2000
Joseph Rasmussen

Chapter 2 Sex linkage and pedigrees Definitions  Autosome- a chromosome that is not a sex chromosome  Sex linkage- the location of a gene on a sex chromosome  Hemizygous- a gene present in only one copy in a diploid organism Sex-linked single- gene inheritance patterns  Gene is on the sex chromosome  Human sex chromosomes- X and Y chromosomes  Differential region- accounts for sex linkage  Pseudo autosomal region- sequence similarity allows chromosome pairing  In Mendel’s monohybrid crosses, reciprocal crosses yielded identical results o In the case of the re and white eyed flies reciprocal crosses yielded different results o Red x white and white x red gave different F1 results o Red x white and white x red gave different F 2 results Pedigree analysis  Applying Mendelian principles to human inheritance patterns  Is the trait shown in generation IV autosomal or sex linked? Dominant or recessive? (page 67) o No tendency of phenotype with particular sex (small sample size); suggest autosomal o Unaffected individuals give rise to affected individuals: recessive  If affected individuals in generation IV are homozygous recessive, what genotype must their parents have been? o Heterozygous in order to produce affected offspring  Phenotype of siblings= dominant phenotype o Genotype of siblings in generation IV  Must have A; may be AA or Aa; 2/3 Aa, 1/3 AA  What about genotypes of grandparents? o Both are unaffected, there fore have a dominant allele o As least one must carry recessive allele o
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