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BIOL 2000
Joseph Rasmussen

Chapter 5-5 Generalized transduction  Random incorporation of bacteria; DNA into phage heads  Any bacterial chromosome part is equally likely to get transferred into a new cell  Occasionally phage packages a piece of the bacterial chromosome o Any piece of bacteria chromosome is equally likely to get packaged  The ones that packaged bacterial chromosomal DNA will infect but not produce new phages  Piece of linear DNA into recipient cell  Linear DNA can cross over o Recombination  A phage particle erroneously packages a host chromosomal DNA fragment o Size limitation of NDA packaged into phage particles  Phage will package a size of chromosomal fragment into the genome fragment from phage o Co-transduction of bacterial genes indicates close linkage  If two genes are transferred together means genes are close together  Ability of recipient cell to get 2 genes from donor cell o Mapping is similar to transformation analysis Example  3 genes are known to be “relatively close” I a bacterial genome o Leu+arg+lac+  What is their relative order o the chromosome? o Approach:  Infect bacterial Strain 1: Leu+ arg+ lac+ with lytic phage  Occasionally the phage will pick up a different fragment of DNA with some of the leu+arg+ on lac+ alleles  Isolate phage progeny, then infect Strain 2: leu-arg-lac- o What are the co-transduction frequencies of wild type alleles? o How often does the recipient cell get leu+ and arg+ or lac+ and leu+? Specialized transduction  Phage can transfer bacterial genes through lysogeny-lytic cycle o Only can transfer a small # of chromosomal alleles o Small region of bacterial chromosome  Lambda phage  Requires different type of cell (lambda phage) o Can integrate its genome i
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