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BIOL 2000
Joseph Rasmussen

Chapter 8-4 Small RNAs were the breakthrough of the year  Non-coding RNAs  Small RNAS control gene expression at all levels  DNA o Structure of chromatin  RNA o Many different types of RNAs affected  Protein synthesis o Translation Templates  Different strands serve as templates for different gens but only one strand of RNA is normally produced o No anti-sense RNA strand produced o Double stranded RNA only produced by artificially  Trigger production of gene regulation Trans-genetics  Introduce additional genes into a cell or organism o Want to enhance phenotype by allowing more selection  Unusual insertion sites for introduced genes may generate double-stranded RNA (an “artificial situation”) o Not much control of where it integrates o Transgene works from left to right o Normal gene works from right to left  Should stop at end of gene- does not- keeps going through transgene  Creates complementary strand of RNA  Creates a double stranded RNA Trans-genetics in petunias  Intention of enhancing purple pigment  Shutting of purple pigment phenotypes in certain areas o Suppression  Similar suppression of phenotypes can be induced by injecting cells with double stranded RNA molecules RNA interference (RNAi)  Gene silencing mediated through small RNA molecules  Double stranded RNA acts as the tr
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