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Chapter 9-1 Proteins and their synthesis  Protein synthesis occurs through the process called translation  Translation occurs on RNP particles called ribosomes  Year 2000-First high result ion 3D structures solved for ribosomes o How does the ribosome work? o How is the ribosome inhibited- antibiotics? Translation components  Ribosome- large RNP complex o Catalyzes peptide bond formation  Transfer RNAs- tRNAs o Non coding RNAs o Bring amino acids to the ribosome o Decode information on the mRNA  Messenger RNAs (mRNAs) o Template for protein synthesis Protein structure  Amino acids with different properties  Protein sequence and 3D shape influences function o Molecules can be bound o Cellular location o Protein-protein interactions  Shape affects type of molecules proteins can bind to and work with  Protein 3D structure is stabilized by: o Ionic interactions o Hydrogen bonding (H-bonds) o Hydrophobic interactions and Van der Waals forces  Each individual bond is weak but add them up and it gives protein their structure Amino Acids structure
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