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University of Lethbridge
BIOL 2200
Joseph Rasmussen

Sept 17, 2013 Biomes and Physical Environment  Temperature and precipitation determine ranges of species and biomes  Atmospheric circulation patterns determine climatic zonation  Whittaker and Walter plots summarize climatic data  Zonation in freshwater and marine environments  Plant geographers noticed areas with similar climates and similar looking plants, though often from unrelated families o Cactaceae are leaf petioles and Euphorb have stem spurs  Climate is the major determinant of plant distribution o The distribution of the sugar maple- this area has the temperature and precipitation regime that the species needs o Other maple species have different ecological tolerances and their ranges differ  Hienrich Walter’s biome classification was based on climate zones  Whittaker plotted temperature and precipitation data for each biome Hadley Cells  Circulation pattern resulting from differential heating o Warm moist air rises in the tropics- constant rain  Equator o Convergence zone- constant down welling of cool dry air  Deserts  Any moisture gets moved away to equator very quickly o Areas between are variable  Depends on seasonality Earth’s rotation  Earth’s rotation defects the surface flows in the Hadley cells because of Coreolis force o Rotational speed of the earth is highest at the equator  Air flowing toward the equator will be deflected west- o It will be spinning more slowly than the earth and lag behind  Pole ward flow will be deflected east o It will be spinning faster than the earth and spurge forward o k o Haldey cell patterns establishes the major deserts and rain forests zones of the world Walter Climate Diagrams
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