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Biology 3300- Molecular Markers

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BIOL 3300
Theresa Burg

Biologth3300 Feb.10 , 2014 Molecular Markers They are useful for: - Life histories - Sexual selection - Kin selection - Quantitative genetics - Speciation - Biogeography Inheritance: - Mendelian (autosomal loci) o Allozymes o Microsatellites - Uniparental o Organellar DNA (no repair mechanisms)  mtDNA  cpDNA - Some sex chromosomes o Ex: Y chromosomes Microsatellites: - Short tandem repeats (ex: AC) - Highly variable - Biparentally inherited - Neutral - Problems with size homoplasy o (AC 20 (AC 18 o (AC 16 (AC 18 o These two above are now the same size - Group specific Kin Selection: - Greater association results in more pairs sharing food - More pairs will share if they are related by 0.5 o Think of who you are more willing to share with between a cousin or a sibling DNA-DNA Hybridization: - Heat DNA  single strand - Re-anneals at different rates dependent on copy number o Highly repetitive DNA - Homoduplex  homo = same, duplex = 2 - Heteroduplex  hetero = difference, duplex = 2 The more hydrogen bonds there are, the more heat is required
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