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Biology 3300- History of Evolution and HIV

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BIOL 3300
Theresa Burg

Biology 3300 th Jan.10 Evolution is the change over time (form/DNA/behavior) - Phylogeny shows relationship o “tip”  end points, what currently exists o “nodes”  common ancestor for general taxa o Transitions /  show change, change is labelled - Use characters to create tree; 2 types: o Homology  similar feature due to descent from common ancestor; look different but from the same ancestor o Analogy (convergent evolution)  similarity due to selection pressure or environment  Ex: wings in birds, bats and insects, beak shape and size Molecular homology - Universal code - Humans have 2 different codes - Processed pseudo genes (non-functional copy of gene) o Lack promoters and introns o Can be used to estimate age Lamarck (1809) argued spp change into new species - Traits in one generation get passed on - Inheritance of acquired traits (we know this is wrong) Mendel - Independent assortment and segregation Wallace and Darwin - Evolution (descent with modification) and natural selection - Evolution is not progressive o Never is NOT better o Species we see are best adapted to current environment - Evolution is not 1-dimensional Darwin’s Observations 1. Have continuity between what was and is now present 2. Different organisms under similar climatic conditions 3. Plants & animals on each continent are distinctive 4. Many species on islands are found only there 5. Endemic species on islands closely resemble species on adjacent mainland Modern Synthesis - Fisher, Wright, and Haldane o Combined natural selection & Mendelian inheritance
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