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Biology 3300- Natural Selection

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BIOL 3300
Theresa Burg

Biology 3300 th Jan.13 Allele: particular sequence variant Locus: position on chromosome, may correspond to a gene Allele frequency: proportion of specific allele in population AA = 50 Aa = 30 aa = 20 A = (50+50+30)/(2*100) = 130/200 = 0.65 a = 1-0.65 = 0.35 Genotype frequency: proportion of individuals with specific genotype Proposed by Darwin and Wallace in 1858 - Required: o Variation o Heritable trait o Differential fitness (ability to survive & reproduce) o Reproduction - Other mechanisms: o Genetic drift o Gene flow o Non-random mating o Mutation Two types: 1) Ecological selection a. Ex: predators (peppered moth), food 2) Sexual selection (variety of types) a. Ex: competition for mates (inter & intra specific) Artificial selection - ** a.a = amino acids No proper flower development with mutations at cauliflower GAG  TAG at a.a 151 - TAG = stop codon - Causes premature termination Natural Selection Experiment - Bumblebees & floral trait - As a result of selection by bees, evolution occurred over 1 generation - In F1 white flower was being selected for - Have to look at strength of selection and what is being selected for or against Selection a) Directional selection a. Have a shift towards one of
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