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Amigo's Blue Guitar Notes

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University of Lethbridge
ENGL 3002
Maureen Hawkins

3/22/2013 2:24:00 PM 1) No matter how much we try and understand about others, we can never completely understand them. - We are given insight that he cannot communicate. Function of dreams - He wants equality, but cant express it because of language barriers - Shows the common human needs and desires that everyone has - We use seperate languages and borders ( be them prov. Or national ) as artificial barriers between us - The ways in which we are alone and the ways in which we share experiences - Try and divide the motiviations of others I think thre are asome motivations we can gradually pull out of this play tht are not expaciest Why study a different language? - Changes the way in which you comprehend the world - Humbling - Break down the laws between cultures - Helps with translating Why Not? - Pointless 2) Kitty Wells song  - Sung in a condescending manner  condescending understanding of the situation  Emphasizes cultural blindness  Lays out the story and is as tory that we can understand 3) Michrocasm from the rest of Canada, we live in a disconnected world. Why is owen so disconnected with his kids, his bad relationship with his parents? He puts it in terms of the United states – probably one of the most formative experiences for him was coming home and finding that his parents had put everything he owned outside his door and wouldn’t even talk to him.  -He doesn’t carea about what goes on in his kids lives  They don’t care about what he has experienced  A real alck of connection  We have stbalished that part of Owen, where he is coming from, is a dysfunctional family – a lack of support a
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