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Engl3700: Restoration and 18th-Century literature, February 10.docx

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Heather Ladd

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February 10 2014 – English Make an appointment to talk to her about the play you will choose for the independent dramatic analysis. Referencing specifics, quoting lines from the play. Analyze a specific scene. Huge focus on your original thought. Thorough job discussing one play. Restoration Theater: • English theater. King Charles the first was killed and during the two kings there was a puritan rule. No public plays. A ban on fun? • King Charles II: 1660 Charles returned to England, monarchy is restored, people welcome monarch back, culture revival! He was an important cultural patron. • 1661: coronation in Westminster Abbey • Nell Gwynn: a restoration celebrity, embodied the spirit of restoration England. Started her career selling oranges in the theater. Became an actress. Had two children with Charles the II. • John Dryden (1631-1700): renowned for his translations, playwrights of the restoration period, famous for his heroic tragedies and his comedies. Marriage a la Mode first performed in London in 1673 by the King’s company, its part of another tradition: tragic comedy (serious plays that end happily; lighter comic play that has darker elements; tragic comedy is influenced by Romance (artificial, courtly love, exotic setting)). • Two theater companies during restoration: King’s Company, Duke’s Company. • Objections to the young men who were playing women (homophobic), but also objections to women on stage. • Sexier to see women on sta
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