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ENGL 3700
Heather Ladd

February 5, 2014 – English Discussion Questions: 1. A drawing room is a room in a large private house in which guests can be received and entertained. The Misanthrope has sometimes been called a ‘drawing room comedy’ (i.e. comedy that focuses on the polite observance of social proprieties). What are the limitations of this kind of comedy? • Only have domestic interactions • Intrusions of the public spheres into the private lines • Limited audience • Impersonal because you can’t identify on the characters because it is the higher class • Not as much farce, focused on witty rather than slapstick • Everything has to be realistic • Not much plot development 2. Shakespeare’s In Much Ado About Nothing, gossip was used to achieve positive and negative goals: uniting Beatrice and Benedict and breaking up Hero and Claudio. How does Moliere treat gossip in The Misantrope? • Using their opinions, ownership of their opinions but putting on a mask to be anonymous. • Used it to reveal characteristics of
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