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Engl3700: Restoration and 18th-Century literature, February 24.docx

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University of Lethbridge
ENGL 3700
Heather Ladd

February 24, 2014 – English Part of the court of Charles the II, French influence. Most popular was The Plain Dealer (1676) – gave him a nickname: Manly. He was interested in sex. The Country Wife: sex comedy, London society in the late restoration period. Comedy of wit. Play is cynical. Commentary on marriage, sex, human nature (civilized society). • Influences on the play: o Moliere, L’Ecole des Femmes (gets style from moliere) o Terence, Eunuchus (gets stalk characters and plots from Terence)  Eiron (ironic opponenet) : Horner  Buffoon (bomolochus)  Alazon (boastful imposter) • Genre: o comedy of manners: love plot, centered on the upper classes (fashionable society), o Sex comedy: adultery is committed in this play, sex happens, sense of bedroom farce, lust o Comedy of humors: stalk characters, influence of roman comedy • Central character is a cuckholder: man who sleeps with other men’s wives, main character is a pleasure seeker. • Prologue: sets up the audience expectations, playwright is backstage (defending the play), poet backstage trembling. Actor is trying to get favor from the audience. Playwright is worried about his play not being accepted sends actor to the audience. Actor allows the audience backstage, want
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