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Engl3700: Restoration and 18th-Century literature, January 27.docx

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ENGL 3700
Heather Ladd

January 27 2014 – English 3700 Early modern comedy Elizabethan: Elizabeth the first Jacobean : James the First, • Shakepear • Kid • Marley • Ben Johnson was Shakespeare’s contemporary, earliest hit continuously performed that wasn’t Shakespearing (1660 - dropped out of performance 1786 - 1921 performed once again (postwar society, likes the darker flavor of the comedy, more disillusioned)) Studying Volpone and The Alchemist o Influences: Beast fable, (aesop’s fables: speaking animals, had morals, each animals had their own essential quality, originally written in Greek, interpretive translations) uses these fable to widening his range of satire, different characters representing the different animals. Men and women are like animals driven by base desires, and instincts, amoral (ends justifying the means).  Symbolic: the doves getting attacked at the Vatican during the weekend.\ o Influences: Aristotle (unity of time (one day), place (everything happens in Venice) and action (no real unity in action: main plot (about greed and deception) and subplot (follies of mankind))) p.2 bottom of the prologue.  Venice was a cosmopolitan place of commerce and intrigue, great wealth is being made here, Shakespeare’s: The merchant of Venice, o Genre: city comedy: happen in London (area of commerce) but set in Venice, critiquing the merchant class, people involved in making money, plotlines involving social climbing and greed. • How is it different from Much Ado about Nothing (comedy of manners): o Much Ado about nothing: love scenes are more genuine, optimistic tone, the villains are the outsiders, comedy is about wit o Volpone no love only lust, villains are not the outsides they are at the center of the society, dramatic irony creating the comedy (audience is in in the deception) • Act 1: o 1 Scene: Volpone is worshiping gold (parod
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