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Engl3700: Restoration and 18th-Century literature, March 12.docx

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ENGL 3700
Heather Ladd

March 12, 2014 – English Conflict between old and new generation. Mother is the matchmaker, wants Lucinda to marry Cimberton because of money. Mother is bargaining with her daughter, interference suggest a love triangle. Cimberton’s obsession is have an heir. Sees Lucinda as a babymaker, piece of horseflesh. Richard Steele does not condone this view of women. Discussion Questions: • By “conscious,” Steel means “mutually understanding.” How are the lovers “conscious”? o Mutually understanding, aware of what is going on. The younger generation is more perceptive and aware about what is going on unlike the older generation. o Aware of the social statues o Balanced relationships, marriage will be union of companions • At the beginning of Act. One, Scene Two, a stage direction indicates that Bevil Jr. is reading. What is he reading and why is it important? o Shows his education, reading is foreshadowing
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