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MGT 3031
John Usher

MGT3031: Managing Responsibly in a Global Environment Feb 9/12 Personal and Organizational Ethics  Fundamentals o Utilitarian “Greatest for greatest number”  consequentialist o Universalist “The ends do not justify the means”  Non-consequentialist o Care-based “Golden rule”  The doctrine of double effect o When you are further away from the action it is easier to take an utilitarian approach rather than a universalist  We often think that an ethics dilemma is just about separating right choices from wrong ones o “Right vs. wrong” is more of a moral dilemma than a true ethical dilemma o Most ethical dilemmas involve “right vs. right” decisions  Ie: environment vs. jobs, pro-choice vs. pro-life, minority rights vs. majority rule o 4 basic paradigms of “Right vs. right”:  Truth vs. loyalty  Often occurs when you hold confidential information and are asked to divulge it  Ie: you know who will be let go in the next firing round, your co-worker asks if they’re on the list  Individual vs. community  Rights of an individual vs. safety of a larger community  Ie: a crime has been committed; can you assume everyone is innocent between proven guilty? Or arrest any suspicious suspects?  Short-term vs. long-term  Take a benefit now and sacrifice later vs. sacrifice now to benefit later  There must be a positive consequence of each choice  Ie: work vs. family  Justice vs. mercy  Should a wrong-doer always be brought to justice to set an example or should mercy be extended under mitigating circumstances  First-time offenders, collateral damage, intent, learning curve, etc  Scenario o Truth vs. loyalty  Approach the regulation board about the leakage, or keep quiet and preserve his friendship with Mr. Riley  What if John and Mr. Riley were partners in the firm?  circumstances changed o Individual vs. community  Working for his parents’ farm and benefitting them, or working for Mr. Riley and gaining more experience and money MGT3031: Managing Responsibly in a Global Environment
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