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Corporate Social Responsibility

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MGT 3031
John Usher

MGT3031: Managing Responsibly in a Global Environment Jan 26/12 Corporate Social Responsibility  Video: World Economic Forum, Stephen Harper speech  Occupy Davos? harper.html  Corporate social responsibility: o obligation to protect and improve the welfare of society along with their own interests o more than making a profit and obeying the law o Carroll’s Model Philanthropic Ethical Legal Economic  Why do we need CSR? o Can’t anticipate events o The law is often slow to respond, and cannot be relied on to enforce everything o Laws are pluralistic outcomes  compromises not ideal  Negative consequences of CSR o Social issues are not the main concern of business. It’s not what they should be doing.  Profits could be going to shareholders o Managers don’t have the social expertise o Dilutes primary mission of business. Efforts are diluted to CSR. o Why give business more power? o Makes business less competitive in global markets  Positive consequences of CSR o Best long-term interest is business (this is their world too). o Ward off government regulation and intervention. Better to do them first, then to be compelled and obligated to. o Business has resources ($$$ & people) o Instead of regulating the economy and such, let businesses try CSR. Something good could come out of experimentation. o Pro-acting vs. reacting o Public expects CSR  Sethy’s Model o Social obligation – business responds to markets and legal, “just enough” approach o Social responsibility – business responds to prevailing norms and expectations o Social responsiveness – businesses anticipate, and are proactive. Best approach. MGT3031: Managing Responsibly in a Global Environment Jan 26/12 Wexler  The Five CSR Positions o Minimalist CSR Position  Responsible to stockholders or owners  Maximizing profits, specializing in providing affordable G&S of high quality o Self-interested Model  Responsible to stockholders/owners and those who can impose high costs upon the corp.  Interested in bottom line impact (reputation, increased sales, etc)  Does good for other only when it furthers its quest for growth and profits o Social Contract Perspective  Res
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