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University of Lethbridge
MGT 3031
John Usher

MGT3031: Managing Responsibly in a Global Environment Jan 19/12 Corporate Power  YouTube: Official occupy wall street thank you  YouTube: Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Three and a half days  YouTube: The guardian 99.9% vs. 0.01%  Pro: o Conclusion: 99% disadvantaged by the 1% o Evidence: statistics pertaining to income inequality o Assumptions: caused by corporations  Con: o Conclusion: Not a real problem, entitlement, lazy o Evidence: business/corporations role in ‘supporting’ dissent, hypocritical (using iPads and wifi to broadcast their anti-corporation ideals) o Assumptions: generational issue  ‘Several factors have created a climate in which criticism of business has taken hold & flourished’ o Societal beliefs about “how to succeed in business” o Affluence and education (asymptote analogy from Afterburner) o Awareness through the social media o Revolution of rising expectations: gap in what is a what should be is increasing because of increasing expectations o Entitlement mentality o Right movement (special interests)  Pluralistic society: one in which there is a wide decentralization and diversity of power concentration o one where 99% vs 1% is not supposed to happen o society in which no one has too much power  Why control the corporation? o As business get larger, their potential for damage increases with their growth  Horseshoe o Left to top, government o Right to top, conservative agenda o Nationalization is as bad as restore it  Nationalization takes power away from managers  Restoring takes power away from managers and gives to owners  Nationalize it o Government determining direction o Canada: health care, post-secondary  Opposite in US MGT30
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