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University of Lethbridge
MGT 3031
John Usher

MGT3031: Managing Responsibly in a Global Environment March 29/12 Strategy and Society  Corporate involvement in society: A strategic approach Generic Social Impacts Value Chain Social Impacts Social dimensions of competitive context Good citizenship Limit harm from value chain Strategic philanthropy activities Responsive CSR Transform value chain activities Strategic CSR to benefit society while reinforcing strategy o Carroll`s Model is Economic  Legal  Ethical  Philanthropic  Michael Porter argues that it is Economic  Legal  Responsive  Strategic  Three types of social issues o Generic social issues: not significantly affected by firm’s operations or able to materially affect its long-term competitiveness  This is not some mess that I made that I now need to clean up, and there is no direct competitive advantage to doing this. o Value chain social impacts: significant impact of firm’s operations  inside out (see diagram in notebook) o Social dimensions of competitive context: issues in the external environment that significantly affect the underlying drivers of a firm’s competitiveness where it operates  outside in  Dichotomy o Successful corporations need a wealthy society  Productive workforce ↔ education & health care  Low cost of accidents/lawsuits ↔ safe products and good working conditions  Productivity goes up ↔ efficient utilization of land, water and energy  Efficiency ********************* ↔ good can’t win, property rights  Protection from exploitation and corruption ↔ regulation *************** o A wealthy society needs successful corporations  No social program can rival the business sector in creating jobs and wealth  Governments, NGOs, may ‘win the battle’ by extracting social costs from businesses but ‘lose the war’ as firms use competitiveness. Jobs disappear and wealth from taxes that support non-profits evaporate  SEE NOTEBOOK FOR DIAGRAM  Responsive CSR MGT3031: Managing Responsibly in a Global Environment March 29/12 o Good corporate citizen: do your part even if it isn’t your mess and you have nothing to gain o If you broke it,… fix it.  Strategic CSR o Transform value chain activities to benefit society AND the firm (win/win) o Strategic philanthropy  Ie: Mic
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