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MGT 3050
Cheryl Meheden

MGT3050: Human Resources Management October 4, 2012 Chapter 5: Recruitment  Goals of the day: 1. Define recruitment 2. Explain the process 3. Identify a dozen ways to recruit staff 4. Discover where to find diverse employees 5. Critique a job application 6. Create a job posting for project  Recruitment: a process of searching for and locating an adequate number of qualified and capable job candidates help organization to meet its goals. o Process begins when you identify a job opening, process ends when you have established a pool of candidates. o Yield ratio = #applicants / #positions  To lower yield ratio, create screening process to weed people out at the beginning. ie: qualifications  Process of recruitment o p.174 o Identify a vacancy o Find out what the job is all about o Create a job posting & post o Receive applicants Internal External  Cost  Limited selection  Fresh candidates  Increased morale  Jealousy  Entry-level wages  Faster  Group think  Cost of training (in  Work familiarity  Homogenous qualifications)  Immersed in culture  Diversity  Devil you know  Culture change catalyst  Ways to recruit o Internal o Online recruiting sites , o Newspaper  80/20 rule: 80% of people who are looking for jobs will look in the newspaper. Newspaper shows only 20% of availabilities.  Increases yield ratio o Professional/trade journals or websites o Employment agencies th th  5 on 5  local body o HRSDC (Human Resource and Skill Development Canada) MGT3050: Human Resources Management October 4, 2012  Government agency  Usually free o Job fair  One company hosts a job fair to  Target specific employees  Efficiency (getting all applicants at once o Executive search firm (headhunter) 
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