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The Canadian Forestry Crisis

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MGT 4580
Claudia Notzke

MGT4580: Environmental Management October 2, 2012 Class 8/9: The Canadian Forestry Crisis  Triple bottom line approach to resource management o The Health of the Resources  You have you take care and look after the resources that you depend on  New forestry o involves  Different practices  Different values  Social and political restructuring o Foregone timber revenues is the price to pay by society if old-growth dependent species such as the spotted owl or woodland caribou are to survive o Conflict between longer-term ecological cycles and shorter-term economic dependencies o Will we only look out for species that benefit us in some way? What gives us the right.  Evolution of forest management, phases are as follows 1. Unrestrained Exploitation  No consideration for consequences or future issues 2. Administrative Forest Management  Non-biological approach  Does not recognize the forestry system as a biological entity 3. Ecosystem Approach (sustained yield = sustained ecological systems)  Forests are complex and have many different values. They provide many different ecosystems.  Not just renewing the most sustainable trees, but preserving the forest as a whole  Aboriginal territory in northern BC (1990s)  Salmon habitat is heavily affected by forestry practices such as clear-cutting  Very pro-active in terms of getting the word out and fighting the impact by creating and coming up with alternatives  Forest ownership  Making clear cutting possible  Provincial governments own and manage 87% of forest land (Sustainable Resource Development)  Tenure system  Government’s way to regulate and grant access to forest operations.  3 forms of tenure  Forest management agreements o 20-25 years o Give extensive property rights and management responsibilities o Government basically turns over everything to these companies  Forest licences o 5-10 years MGT4580: Environmental Management October 2, 2012 o Government usually holds on to property and management responsibilities  Timber permits o 1-5
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