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Music History III: Classical Music, November 21st.docx

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MUSI 3380
Paul Sanden

st November 21 – History III Mozart’s success in every genre came from his need to cater to the public market. Piano music • Wrote piano sonatas • Wrote sonatas (piano in accompaniment) • Stand alone pieces: variations, independent Rondos, fantasies • Piano duets • 1775 first sonata, • Wrote 19 sonatas o 9 before Vienna o 10 in Vienna Listening: Sonata in F Major, K. 332, 1781-1783 (Vienna) • Sonata form (finally arrived in a mature state) • Different styles Played around with forms (synthesizing different styles, mixing national styles) Importance of melody • He really grasped the galant style • Let music be governed by melody Hunting Style: natural harmonic series, natural horn, dotted rhythms Sturm und Drang: loud, passionate, chromatic dissonances Listening: Sonata in D Major, K.576 (1789) Mvt. 3 • Influenced by Bach’s counterpoint style • Two voices in brief dialogue • Rondo (main theme repeated) ABACA Concerto • Piano concerto, wrote for his own performance • Making his life with performances • Public concert was dominated by orchestral music (late 18 century) • Concerto was close second except for in France, London. o Celebrated soloist o Most popular violin concerto everywhere except for Vienna Role of the concerto in public • Giovanni Battista Viotti o Violin playing established o Revolutionized how violin compositio
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