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Music History III: Classical Music, November 26th.docx

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University of Lethbridge
MUSI 3380
Paul Sanden

th November 26 – History III Mozart Concerto • First were transcriptions and arrangements of piano sonatas • Mid 1770s (Salzburg) o Original concertos (could perform them) o Targeted the broadest audience o 3 movements Fast-Slow-Fast o J.C. Bach’s model – blend ritornello and sonata  Mozart wrote in his style • Violin concerto was most popular • Mozart was out of the ordinary and wrote piano concerts (Vienna) • Combination of ritornello and sonata allegro (J.C. Bach influence) o Changes Mozart made to J.C. Bach’s formula  Change the cadenza and place it in the middle of the final ritornello  Interrupts solo section with short ritornello during episodes  Natural dialogue between soloist and orchestra  Development introduces new material • Mozart is break apart the style 1780-1790 • Mozart and Beethoven flexing the genres, forms, styles • Slow movements o Lyrical aria o Galant style (all about melody) o Orchestra drops out • Finale – Sonata – Rondo rd o 3 movements o Virtuosic o Broad audience (wow the crowd) Listening p. 190 Mozart Symphonies • 50 symphonies o Wrote bulk before Vienna o 16 years old – 30 symphonies • Early symphonies o 3 movements: Rounded Binary o Counterpoint in s
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