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Music History III: Classical Music, Sept. 17.docx

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University of Lethbridge
MUSI 3380
Paul Sanden

th Sept. 17 – History III Arcadian Academy: Pietro Metastasio (1698 – 1782) • Wrote libretti and set libretti • Addressed social concerns • Wrote very well for music (rhythmic patterns that were easily set) • Very popular among composers and the public • Standardized form of opera seria o Liaison de scene:  Symmetry #entrances = #exits  Start with 1 or 2 characters  Add characters with different scenes and action  Characters on stage decrease with exit arias  Last on on stage is liaison de scene (main character) • 3 acts: story as it unfolds st o 1 act: exposition of the problem o 2 act: development of central conflict (very few subplots) rd o 3 act: resolution of conflict • Numbers Opera: very organized o Sing, cadence, stop, sing • Opera seria was all sung, dialogue in recitative • Metatstasio wrote lots of da capo arias: ABA o 2 stanzas of 4 lines • Discussed morality in his operas: heavily influenced by moral philosophies of Renee Descartes. “I think therefore I a
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