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Music History III: Classical Music, Sept 19.docx

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MUSI 3380
Paul Sanden

Sept. 19 – History III Metastasio’s moral code alignes with Renee Descartes Hasse developed simple melodies, simple accompaniment showing it through Cleofide (1731) : the style galant steams from this opera. 2 Baroque era: gives performers the options to show their prowess and talent. (Da capo aria A leaves plenty of room for ornamentation) Opera seria is dominated by desire to show virtuosity. Arcadians took out comic scenes in opera seria because it distracted from the moral message. (1731) Lully: Opera tragique Italy: opera seria At times regardless of shows the signers would perform a ‘suitcase aria’ instead of singing something that the composer would write. Suitcase aria: an aria that they were known for. Inserted into operas without regard to storyline or dramatic line. Pastiche opera: mix matches opera no formal practice. 1750 – Composers and Librettists were getting angry and deliberately made interjections to keep the singers suppressed. Metastasio’s model had a heroic figure. Early 18 century Venice comic scenes in opera seria were removed. Intermezzo/intermezzi: • comic genre. • Started in Naples, Venice. • 2/3 short acts • Comic story between acts of opera seria (not related at all) • Pallet cleanser • Satire on society • Funny plots • Simple 2/3 singing parts • Makes fun of serious opera / higher class • Heros were every day people, • Nobles painted in less desirable light • Music would parody opera seria • Different composers and librettists Eventually Intermezzo grew popular enough to become own genre: COMIC OPERA 1720s Italian companies went to F
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