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MUSI 3480
Brian Black

February 4, 2014 – History Schubert’s ‘Unfinished’ symphony: symphony in B minor (1822 just before contracting syphilis) • Could have been a thank you • Marks his full maturity in symphony • Anselm Henbrenner had the manuscript • First of the romantic symphonies • Characteristics of the first movement: o Introductory melody in cello’s and basses (becomes the main idea in the development section) st st o 1 theme – main theme B minor ( 1 cadence in D Major)  In 3/4 but sounds like its in 6/8  Very lyrical main theme  After cadence there is a transition ends with a cadence in B minor (PAC)  Common tone modulation (take one note in one chord to pivot into another key) Hidden where he’s going o Subordinate theme in G Major  Equally lyrical  Uses cellos alone for the first time  Half way through you get shuttering stops o Recapitulation  Main theme starts in B minor, ends with a cadence on F-sharp minor. A is held over and get the subordinate theme in D Major (uses key that he should have used instead of G Major) ends in B minor • Attacked because he is episodic • Attacked by classical thought because he does not treat the keys correctly • Tonic minor and relative major become a key in themselves (ambiguity) o Example: C Major and A minor are combined th • Died a few months after Beethoven, wrote this before Beethoven wrote his
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