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(MUSI3480) Music History IV: Romantic Music, February 13.docx

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MUSI 3480
Brian Black

February 13, 2014 – History Italian opera: highly conventional in order to produce them quickly. Rossini is the leader of these conventions Barber of Seville: prequel to Figaro (early passionate courtship of the count and Rossina) Want to court her without influencing her with his money, in disguise as a student. The count outwits Dr. Bartello and marries Rossina. • Cavatina/Aria di Sortita: Entrance aria, double aria. Opening aria of a main character. 3 sections. o Cantabile/ Tempo Primo: Start with a lyrical opening (demanding for the singer – florid sections and ornamentation), o (optional sections) Tempo di mezzo – Interruption (something happens to the idea that was presented in the first section) Change o Cabaletta – Faster, fireworks, meant to bring the house down! Duet or Ensemble, also have choral interjections. • Tempo d’attacco: sets things up, series of dialogues going back and forth • Pezzo concertato: more lyrical and regular, similar duet: they sing to the same melody. Dissimilar duet: one person sings one way while the other sings the other way • Tempo di mezzo: dramatic situation changes, • Stretta: much faster, crazy fireworks, p. 130 Quintet in the Barber of Seville: its built from a duet -> Trio - > Quartet -> Quintet o Parlante: melody is in the orchestra with recitative speaking in
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