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University of Lethbridge
MUSI 3480
Brian Black

February 11, 2014 – History Lied assignment due March 6. German Romantic opera: • Wagner created music dramas. Wagner dominates mid to late century • Contemporaries of Schubert: Romantic opera pre-Wagner o Based on Singspiel; spoken dialogue, specific numbers, Magic Flute by Mozart. o Fascination with legend and supernatural, struggle between good and evil. Depiction of nature in the natural settings, interest in orchestration and color, have finales, have duets, trios, chorus, folk song settings, lied settings. o Ludwig Sponr o E.T.A Hoffman : most famous opera, Undine. o Carl Maria von Weber, related to Mozart. Most famous opera was Der Frieschütz “The Marksman” 1821.  Schubert liked it, Beethoven didn’t like the story  Carl Maria von Weber: • Son of a musician and a theater. Born into the theater. Studied in Salzburg and Munich. Collected folk song, established German opera, instrumental composer (piano sonatas, flute, clarinets),  Movement in German opera away from spoken dialogue into a more continuous movement.  Set in the 17 century, hunting community under their leader Kuno, has a beautiful daughter, every year they have a shooting contest, this year whoever wins wins the daughter. Caspar has sold his soul to the devil for 7 magic bullets. Max is desperate to win the daughter, Agathe, and agrees to go. He was tricked and has the 7 bullets, he is tricked to use 6 of them. Agathe runs onto the stage with a protective wreath and deflects th the 7 bullet that he kills Caspar.  Became a major part of German education, became their folk music.  Orchestra is important – Orchestration: paints ideas and dramatic situations • Overture: Agathe’s theme is in the overture, the storm at the firing of the last bullet is in the overture, symbolic elements, written in a sonata form (often without a
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