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MUSI 3480
Brian Black

th History IV – January 14 Homework: Dichterliebe, op. 48: how does the music reflect the poetry? What is the key? And is there any relationship? Will hand out 1 Assignment next class. Romanticism in music isn’t as defined in music as it is in art. 18 century: The age of enlightenment; optimistic that you can overcome evil because evil is only ignorance. The French revolution (1789) initially was example of the optimism however with the rise of Napoleon it turned this belief around. French revolution started with the bankruptcy of the King (helping the Americans against the british), they wanted the voting to be divided in thirds (unequal voting rights), riots in the streets. People rise up against foreign intervention. Bloodbath, killing all those who may not be loyal to the republic. 1795- uprising against the government who is killing everyone. The directory uses Napoleon defeats all Austrian armies. Overthrows the directory and France becomes the empire of Napoleon. Europe is riddled with wars. Creates continental block to prevent trade with England and Russia. He attacks Russia (Napoleon gets defeated by the cold and hunger during the retreat from Moscow) Napoleon raced back to French. Paris is taken and Napoleon is defeated and send to the island Ellis. Napoleon used nationalism, granted Jews freedom in Paris, liberal ideas, Congress of Vienna: Return of the Bourbons (Louis XVII), trying to settle scores and trying to maintain the status quos, it fails because of the liberal uprisings. Growth of national music pride. 1813: Germanic revolution against French. 1848: liberal Revolutions (Austria had become a police state) Right wing government, Wagner writing manifestos about what art should be and must escape with the help of Liszt’s money. Failure of the Liberal Governments. Unified countries are Italy and Germany. Race for colonies, creating fleets, German war with France and they won. Growth of nationalism, growing ideas and literacy. Romanticism: in the ei
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