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MUSI 3480
Brian Black

January 23, 2014 – History IV Beethoven symphony • 5 Symphony in C minor: very compact, movements are all linked by the use of a common motive (repeated note motive). Last two movements are literally linked together (C.P.E. Bach). Triumphant conclusion in c major (overcome adversity). 3 trombones, (hadn’t been used in symphonies before) contrabassoon, piccolo… dynamic concentrated music. Premiered with the 6 symphony (opposite to the 5 ) 1806, huge program! o Cyclic symphony: working and reworking a motive nd o 2 movement: intense interruptions that aren’t resolved until last movement. rd o 3 movement: ghost like, almost fugue like passage with bass and cellos. o Highly concentrated powerful music o Triumphant finale in C major -> weight on finale as transformation of general affect of the work. E.T.A. Hauffman: talks of the move from the Golden age: (Haydn’s symphonies are childlike, life of love, life before sin, garden of Eden) (Mozart’s symphonies: love and melancholy, move towards indescribable longing,) (Beethoven’s symphonies: immeasurable, sublime, shadows destroy everything within us, the pain suffocates but love and hope burst through from pain) Late period. 1814-1816: extremely popular in Vienna. Isolation in deafness. Completes on a few pieces (foreshadowing early romantic). Hammer clavier (1817): extremely difficult piano piece, uses every fugue technique. This piece opened the floodgates yet again! • Characteristics of his late style: present throughout his lifetime but more intensely during his late period. o Increasing lyricism: 1) in
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