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MUSI 3480
Brian Black

January 21, 2014 – History IV Beethoven: • Earlier career: o 1792: moved to Vienna, moved to the center of instrumental music in Europe. String quartet and symphony. Had to study with Hadyn, but wanted to study with Mozart instead. Goes behind his Haydn’s back to study with other teachers. Published his first book of trios he refused to dedicate them to Haydn. o Established as a pianist best in Europe, Beethoven’s style was more legato and lyrical, amazing improviser. o Beethoven’s first three piano concertos are written before 1800. o First String quartet op. 18. isn’t published until he is 28 and his first symphony wasn’t published until he was 30 o 1792-1800: growing confidence, sketching his string quartet. Haydn withdrew from writing to stop competing. o 1799-1800: First symphony, in the model of Hadyn’s London symphonies  Symphony no. 1 in C, op. 21. • slow introduction • Begins with an off tonic • Similar sense of humor • Use of winds and well-orchestrated o 1800 – on : continuing to work in the genres nd  2 symphony in 1802. o Was close friends with the nobility who have their own string quartets and symphonies in their courts. Well established by 1800. o Realizes he’s having trouble hearing things at a distance. Went to spa but hearing doesn’t get better. Becomes paranoid that he’ll die and he writes his last will. (unpublished until his death) Will overcome his hardship with his art. o Piano sonata no. 17 in D minor, Op. 31, no. 2: tempest sonata (Shakespeare) Almost programmatic music. Dramati
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