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(MUSI3480) Music History IV: Romantic Music, January 30.docx

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University of Lethbridge
MUSI 3480
Brian Black

January 30, 2014 – History IV String quartet op.131 in c-sharp minor, everything seems so different and unrelated however there does seem to be an unusual unity: turned into a string symphony by Mahler • 1 movement is a fugue: lyrical subject, answer is on the subdominant, allows it to move to D. Lament. • 2 movement: sonata-rondo form, strong contrast to 1 movement • 3 movement: recitative, transition goes from B minor to A major, unsettled • 4 movement: aria theme and variation, A major, pizzicato important because later it becomes joke-like. The pizzicato in this movement is very serene, each variation is different, rebuilding theme every time • 5 movement: scherzo, sublime to the ridiculous, Scherzo<>trio(folk-like), lightness and characters th • 6 movement: very serious, transitional, G-sharp minor, back to the lament • 7 movement: reference to the opening motive, sonata-rondo form, Symphony: Beethoven as a model composer for symphony • Symphony as a monumental artwork (piano sonata and string quartet as well) • Increasing weight on the finale as a summation of the whole work (piano sonata and string quartets as well) • Size grows of the individual movements – performing forces increase (added instruments: chorales, trombones) • Cyclic procedures really important o Motivic ideas comes back o Full thematic recall • Mixing of genres (choral symphonies) • Increased drama in the symphony • Motivic/dynamic development very important as basis for construction (forward motion in the music) Generation after Beethoven: Franz P. Schubert – Orchestral music • Born in 1797 – died at the age of 31, lower middle class family, Bohemian roots, large family (13 children – 4 survived) father was a school teacher, age of 8 he won a position in the
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