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MUSI 3480
Brian Black

March 6, 2014 – History Symphony Fantastique: opera without words • Idée fixe: theme that depicts Hariet, every movement it changes until the last movement in which the theme has changed to a horrid grotesque parody of the theme. Thematic transformation. Theme is a character. o Movement 2: thinks of her at a ball and the idée fixe becomes a waltz o Movement 3: scene in the fields, two shepherds piping to each other (oboe is off stage being answered by the English Horn), jealous thoughts start to darken the feel. Distant thunder effect o Movement 4: march to the scaffold o Movement 5: Witches Sabbath, ugly orchestration (E-flat clarinet), uses Dies Irae (plain chant, used for requiem, day of wrath), round dance combines the idee fixe and dies irae. • Liszt wrote a transcription of this symphony which was widely popular. Mendelssohn: father was a banker, highly cultivated family, grandfather was a well-known philosopher of the enlightenment, very wealthy family, Hamburg for Berlin, they had a mansion with a garden house (Sunday afternoon concerts). Mendelssohn he was well trained, landscape painter in music, octet chamber piece, trained by Zelter (conservative, taught him to revere th Bach, already written 13 string symphonies, classical romantic) Conservatory training in Leipzig he developed the full curriculum. Hired many teachers (Clara and Robert Schumann), Mendelssohn has overshadowed Fanny. Fanny took over the Sunday afternoon concerts. Mendelssohn family had a heart disease that took his father, Fanny and him. He was c
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