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The Brainstem

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University of Lethbridge
NEUR 2600
Ian Whishaw

The Brainstem January-21-13 10:54 AM Afferent and Efferent -> define Paul D. MacLean -> Three brains. Reptilian,Proto-Mammal (limbicsystem), Neo-Coretex (mammilian) - There's a dragon in all of our brains because we havea brainstem Seti - search for extraterrestrial intelligence The brain stem isthe main brainof a fish, amphibian,or reptile. It has centers for coordinating movement, controlling reguklartoryfunctions, hearing, vision - Little evidence that these structures provide these animalswith conscious control of their behavior. - Because we have a brainstem, likelyit serves the same functions for us The Brainstem 1. Overviewfrom evelopment 2. Diencephalon 3. Midbrain 4. Cerebellum - Memorize the parts of the brain Frog brain is the sizeof a fetus brain The dorsal part of the brainstem (above the ventricle)is sensory and the ventral part is motor Diencephalon (The Rooms) 1. Epithalamus - seasonal rhythms (pineal gland) 2. Thalamus - cortical relaysystem 3. Hypothalamus - regulatorybehavior a. Drinking b. Eating c. Temperature regulation d. Sleep e. Salt regulation f. Sexual motivation g. Sexual behavior h. Stress - Lateral hypothalamus and Ventromedial hypothalamus ○ Mediate our eating behavior  Ventromedial damage = obesity □ Hyperphagia(phagiato chew)  Lateral damage = starving □ Aphagia Each cluster Thalamus = rooms Midbrain or Mesencephalon - Tectum - roof is sensory ○ Superior colliculus - visual control ○ InferiorColliculus - auditory control  Collis= hill  Collis= hill ○ Owls
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