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Miss, You're Dead

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University of Lethbridge
NEUR 2600
Ian Whishaw

Miss, you're dead March-04-13 6:04 AM MultipleVisual Systems - How does the nervous system solvemany different problemsat the sametime (red truck speeding) - Solved by having different neural structures for each function (color, form, motion) - But this has created the binding problem - how do we see the world as a whole, not a bunch of littlebits - Then our behavior in relation to visual stimulationis mediatedby two systems - the dorsal stream and ventral stream. MultipleVisual Systems - Visual cortex - conscious vision - Superior colliculus - localization - Pretectum - pupillarydilations - Frontal cortex - eyesaccades - Suprachiasmatic nucleus - circadian rhythms - Accessory optic nucleus - eyemovements - Pineal body - yearlyrhythms ○ Each one starts at the retina ○ Rods and cones dedicated to some of these visual regions 1. Receptors - retina 2. Bipolar cells - retina 3. GanglionCells - retina, colliculus 4. Geniculate cells - lateral geniculate 5. V1 Cells- visual cortex ○ Each is a transformation Rods and cones concentrated in the fovea - 2 bipolarcell types ○ RB rod bipolar ○ BB blue bipolar - 2 Ganglioncell types ○ P1 parvo - cone ○ M magno- rod Geniculostriate system - Optic tract
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