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Visual Coding

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Ian Whishaw

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Visual Coding March-08-13 11:03 AM Whole dorsal part of the brainis unconscious. - Visual Coding 1. Cortical visual anatomy 2. ON-off center surround cells 3. Orientation detections 4. Visual development - The GeniculostriateSystem - Visual Field ○ Concept  Left - right visual cortex  Right - left visual cortex □ Cross half the fibers from each eyeto each side  Break the side down smaller □ Only excite a small part of the retina, which will onlyexcite a small part of the visual cortex  The visual fieldfor the bunny is just the area of the right visual field  Every cell has a visual field ◊ Sees a certain part of your world ◊ Find what it responds to, must find what its visual fieldis  Visual field projects onto a visual map, and so has a topographic representation ◊ It is upside down and backward – A stroke in a rightvisual cortex produces a blindspot in the left visual field  If below the clacarine fissure, the blindspot is in the upper quadrant □ The ventral stream but not the dorsal stream functions under anesthesia □ Inhibitionand excitation - the two response modes of neurons  Stephen W. Kuffler □ Cellswent on to spots of lightor off or both  If you put a light in the centre of the screen and indicate when the cell discharged ◊ The biggerthe circle, the more discharge ◊ On off center surround cells  Some cells respond to color ◊ Red green ◊ Blue-yellow ◊ Black-white 1. All ganglioncellsand all lateral geniculate body (LGB) cells are on-off or off-on center surround cells 2. On-off or off-on center surround cellscode for the above colors  Lateral inhibition ◊ Some receptor cellsare excitatory or inhibitory  The explanationfor center surround cells -it's the wiring at
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