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Speech and Technology

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NEUR 2600
Ian Whishaw

Technology March-15-13 10:57 AM WilderPenfield - Founded the MNI and pioneered electivebrain surgery ○ Aneurysm ○ Stroke ○ Angioma ○ Tumors ○ Epilepsy  Useful for removingdamaged parts of the brain - Brain stimulation ○ Pioneeredhuman brain stimulation as a way of identifyingparts of the brain to guidehis surgery  Didn't want to take out more than necessary when doing a removal - Positron Emission Tomography ○ Technique of mapping the function of the brain as a person engagedin an intellectual task 1. Inject isotope 2. Positron released 3. Positron collideswith electron 4. Two photons releasedin opposite directions 5. Geigercounters locates their source ○ The differencein blood flowin a resting condition and an active condition (more red) revealsa part of the brain engagedin a functional task ○ Technique for measuring behavior ○ More blood flow during activity (releasedpotassium which stimulatesblood vessels, blood vesselsopen  The subject can't run and jump, have to stay still ○ PET -revealsthat different parts of the brain are involvedin different aspects of sound analysis  What ifyou read a complicated story? What lightsup  Visual cortex lights up, supplementarycortex, all different parts are lighting up beside Broca's area and Wernicke's  Revealsthat a surprisinglylargepart of
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