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Ian Whishaw

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Proprioception Proprioception loss - Ian Waterman ○ When he was eighteen, working as butcher, cut his finger. Finger got red, got fatigued, had trouble walking,couldn't get out of bed, no one knew what to do  Healthyyoung man, lost the compete abilityto do anything  Learned to walk, learned to drivea car  One of the things, that he lost, was the dorsal root ganglion,got a virusthat killed them. □ Couldn't have any feedback from joints or musclesor anything □ Largelyrecovered via looking at his joints  Everything was done with vision. - Jonathon Cole ○ Wrote a book (Pride and a Daily Marathon) ○ 10 cases of this condition around the world - Christiana ○ B6 poisoning  Wipesout the dorsal root ganglioncells  Proprioception = the body's eyes. - OliverSacks Hapsis - not only touch, but being touched WilderPenfield - When he was stimulating the brain, the somatosensory cortex, people would report sensations from mouth and face, head, body, - Somatosensory homunculus The densityof receptors on the body relate to the area of the sensory cortex givento a body part. Barrel Cortex - Rodents have a representation of their vibrissaeinsensory cortex - Look at glucose utilization in the barrels, and only one is being used - Map of whiskersin the brain, in this way John H. Kaas - There isn't an entire homunculus - There is for muscles, skin(slow), skin fast) and joints/pressure. Neglect-rightparietal lesions - Arisesfro
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