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Political Science
POLI 2210
Peter Mc Cormick

4/4/2013 8:49:00 AM - Levesque vs. Trudeau – The Media loves a face and a personality - Television turns politics into the face of leaders - The PM says in the battle of champions – “I” was the champion that won” – Harper beat “Ignatief” not “conservatives beat the liberals” - If the leader lost it’s your fault. - Say your cabinet was elected because of the leader. - PM’s don’t have to many showdowns with their cabinet – but when they do he says it was because of his leadership - PM is the central player in the house of commons – directly or indirectly he controls much of the agenda of what happens – can always stand up to intervene in speeches. The first questions in question period are always directed to him - Can always decide who in his canibet will answer questions on which topic - The PM can direct someone else to answer questions for you, or answer questions himself. - The PM makes an enourmous number of appointments – we like to think that patronage is not as big as it used to be… but we’re not better at all. - The PM makes hundreds of appointments & most of them are party linked. - Someone keeps the party books – like who the party owes favors to – the patronage book. - Rewarding people for faithful party service in the past (Service to leader) and encouragins service in thefuture The senate is not even 1 percent of what the PM passes around - 100 bucks a month doesn’t seem to raise the same kind of ethical challenge – even though it actually does - If it is attractive to some people and he can give it away, he stil has power - Also names the deputy minister – the public service head of the computer – basically always a one on one, one minister for the department , and one deputy minister – relationship tres important – you would think that the cabinet minister would get to take their deputy minister with them places – not necessarily – because you have to listen to the PM  So PM can shuffle deputy ministers AND ministers. - PM is the access point to the governor general – that minor matter of if and when you call elections - Not a cabinet decision, not even a pretend cabinet decision of if and when you call an election – cabine tministers could be surpirised by an election call ( not normally) - Look up Pro-regation - Majoir actor for Canada on the International stage - So when the PM goes abroad he is suddenly Canada – opposition leaders try and get a little bit of that sunshine if they can. - When Joe Clark becalme leader of the conservative party, his first few monthas were embarrassing , Joe Clark made the decision to travel internationally  -“what is the totality of your holdings “  they lost his suitcase - Some of what you have to go through to try and get some of the attention. - That’s why H
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