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Political Science
POLI 2610
Harold Janzen

4/9/2013 11:18:00 AM - Field Research  -To observe nature acting naturally  Surveys are pretty artificial  Field research – tryi to observe things in their natural social and political context.  Difficult kind of research to observe well and in your discipline.  If we are in a small group and being observed it is not a normal kind of setting  A political convention – 4000 people aren’t going to all change their behavior, but some might.  Steps o 1) Advanced Preparation  developing necessary skills  Observation skills  Perceptive attention to details  Some can be trained and developed with research  Don’t go in with a hypothesis – qualitative research go in with a question not a hypothesis.  Experiment of psychology student  Smart rats and dumb rats  The smart rats all performed better than the dumb rats  The rats were exactly the same o 2) Find a site.  Unfamiliar  Make sure they will let you in.  Permission to observe some things.  Develop trust  Open vs. covert research  Undercover research  Pretend to be one of them – ethical issues  The adv
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