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Lecture 1

Psychology 2110 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Toilet Training, Baby Talk, Child Abuse

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Psychology 2110
Fangfang Li

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Monday, January 9, 2017
Child Development
Why Study Child Development?
-Raising children
-‘7 up’: Study to show that at the age of 7 a person has a well rounded life
-Single children have a lack of interaction with children (no siblings, no friends with
-Children at the age two are taught every differently in the USA then in china
-Lots of colourful toys
-No structure
-Being Taught how to be potty trained
In China
-very similar to a university setting ( i.e. children in rows and a teacher lecturing
-Open toilet
-“Safe Baby Handling Tips”
-“Time: Are you MOM enough?” ( breastfeeding is okay until how old?)
-“The boy who was raised as a dog”
-Shaken baby syndrome (SBS)
children can not be shaken due to the weak spinal cord
-Choosing social policy
Child care policy
Maternity support policy
Child abuse
Language education policy
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